Environmental Maintenance Service: Serving Commercial Clients in Southern Ontario

Environmental Maintenance Service was founded in 2003 by Norberto Bravo and Joe Silveira. Both have been in the cleaning industry for more than 35 years.

Environmental Maintenance Service’s philosophy is ‘to service our customers by providing a consistent and superior level of cleaning service in an economical, safe and environmentally responsible manner.’ Our quality procedure includes achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction in all aspects of our operations from North Bay to Niagara Falls and from Ottawa to Windsor.

The cleaning staff at Environmental Maintenance Service is recruited through community newspapers or referred to us by existing employees. All potential employees must complete a company application form which includes a section on previous employment. On-site management provides cleaning orientation.

Staff training is provided by site and area management in conjunction with the corporate operational training manual.

Environmental Maintenance Service has a formal written quality assurance program that ensures adherence to standards, early intervention of potential problems and better utilization of staff resources. Any customer complaints that require follow-up by on-site management will be document on prescribed company forms to ensure customer satisfaction.

Environmental Maintenance Service measures the effectiveness of quality assurance by benchmarking, which is a system that establishes standards of performance and creates a means to measure current work levels against established standards. Criteria used vary from building to building, jobsite to jobsite. These benchmarks are often developed using input from our clients. Measured criteria include quality of work, timeliness of response and tenant complaints/resolutions.

Environmental Maintenance Service’s corporate office is located in Mississauga. In addition to on-site management, Environmental Maintenance Service has an operations manager and area supervisors as well as the president and vice-president.

Environmental Maintenance Service’s Philosophy
Environmental Maintenance Service aims to serve our customers in southern Ontario by providing a consistent and superior level of cleaning services in an affordable, safe and environmentally responsible manner.

Our Values
At Environmental Maintenance Service, we strive to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction in all aspects of our cleaning operations. Establishing and maintaining a reliable and superior level of cleaning service is our highest priority. We maintain financial soundness by controlling costs, pricing our services competitively and ensuring optimal efficiency in all aspects of our cleaning operations.

Ensuring the safety of our employees, customers and the public at all times as well as safeguarding our clients’ properties are also cornerstones of our southern Ontario cleaning services. Our cleaners endeavor to perform our cleaning service in a respectful manner while being protective of the environment. Contact our team today to schedule service at your business or property!